Raw and Real

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and since I’m in the car on our way to D.C. I thought I’d take this time to write a few things. 

I officially hit the third trimester last week and with it brought on the heart burn and exhaustion. I’ve also been super busy lately like have had something every day/night for the last two weeks or so so my stress level is pretty up there which doesn’t help with the tiredness. I stop working at the end of June and I feel like I’m holding my breath until then and just waiting for that month of slowing down before this new bundle enters the world outside my womb. 

We had a check up this past week and I asked my midwife if she could tell what position the baby is in because I’ve been feeling a lot of pain when the baby moves in one spot mostly. She felt around and then showed me how to put my hands on my belly and explained what I was feeling and what all the different parts would feel like. I felt a leg! It was so cool! I always love the hands on aproch of midwives. I was so excited about it she said she’d show me every appointment. 

This past year has been filled with a lot of growth for me in a lot of areas. Lately my heart has been filled with pure joy, excitement, broken a little and regrown parts as well. But that’s all the ebb and flow of life. It is beautiful and glorious in its own right. 


Why We Let Our Two Year Old Get Her Ears Pirced

I have this vague memory from when I was a kid of my mother and grandmother talking about how terrible it was that someone they knew pierced there infaint daughters ears. Of course at that age I was in full agreement and thought how disgraceful it was and vowed I would never do that to my child!

Throughout my childhood and teen years I would harshly judge anyone that had there young babes ears pierced thinking ‘how could they do that!’ ‘Why would they do that!’ Its crazy how something your parents say when you’re a kid can leave such an impression on you and even form views that you might have never had on your own.

Later on in my adult years or really just the past couple anyway. I began to think it was cute seeing little girls wearing little earrings and after talking with my husband we decided that someday when we had a baby if it was a girl we would do it…we would pierce her ears. Shortly after, my sister had a baby and got her ears done. I thought it was so adorable! We talked to her about the process and if she cried or not. My views on the matter had completely changed. I mean what was the big deal. If she grew up and didn’t like them she could take them out.

Fast forward to actruly haveing a baby girl and suddenly I couldn’t do it! My view had changed again! Not that I judged people for doing it but I simply couldn’t do it. I couldn’t poke holes in my perfect baby just for “beauty” or a cuteness factor. So we decided to wait. I got my ears done when I was 8 it was the rule growing up that we couldn’t get them done before that. I didn’t feel the need to wait that long but figured when she started to ask we would do it then.

I figured it would be several years before this happened but I was wrong. About 6 months ago my sweet Jaya started asking. She would point to my ears and then grab her own and say ‘mine’ I put it off figuring it was just a faze and she wouldn’t keep asking about it but as time went on she would ask more often and say ‘I want some’ I always told her to ask her father. She started asking multiple times a week so finally a few weeks ago she asked for the last time. It was a Saturday and we didn’t have much going on so we talked it over with her and explained what was involved and told her it would probably hurt but she said she still wanted to do it.

So off to Claire’s we went. The girls there were really great. Jaya just sat there and let them prep her. There were two people so they did them both at once. She cried. It was delayed and brief but she cried.

You may say ‘she’s two. She doesn’t know what she wants’ but if you knew anything about her you’d know that she always knows what she wants. I felt bad when she cried but I’m confident in our decision to let her do this. And she loves them and talks about them all the time to me.

Cheers to letting things go and not letting things you grew up believing rule over you forever.

I Am With The President

img_7268Here I am on election day post vote but pre results. I am writing to say that no matter the outcome, no matter who wins and who looses I am with the President.

I am with you no matter if I voted for you or not. No matter if I agree with your policy’s, laws, or views I am with you. I vow to not post negatively about you on social media but to lift you up and speak positively for I know you have a tough job ahead of you. You deserve my respect not a verbal bashing on who you should be or how you should act. You deserve honor as you fight for a better already great America.

We may not always agree but family sticks together, so I stand with you as a sister to lift you up and not bring you down.

Lastly I urge others to join me. Cheer your team on, cheer the other team on. This is not a time to fight and speak negatively but to lift each other up and be the change you want to see! Put aside your differences and stand with me in unity to make these next years count! Lets change history and stand with the leader! Lets see them through and cheer them on! Lets stop the bickering! Lets celebrate our differences and use them to encourage one another! Lets give honor and respect! Lets show kindness and spread joy! Lets stand with our President and be everything we can be!

So join me! Lets band together and say I Am With The President!

The Growth Spurt

Today I picked you up and for the first time it felt different. You felt bigger, stronger, older. As if in the 10 hours I was away from you you grew up out of your baby body and into your kid body.
The worst part of my day is kissing you goodbye and the best part is opening the door to squeals and the joyous sound from your little voice saying ‘Mama!’
This time is so fleeting I can only hope I don’t miss the little things. I want to be apart of the highs and the lows, the scrapped knees and the big belly laughs, the first and the last. I’m so thankful to get to watch you learn how to navigate this big world. 

Let’s Try This Again


I feel like I always start this thing out with “It’s been too long” probably because it has been. I wanted to be good at this blog thing but the truth is I don’t know how people keep up with this! I want to always be honest and true here and show my real life not just the good things but the not so good things. I want to be honest with who I am and not who I wish I was. Honest with my real life not just what I wish my life was. But seriously  it’s hard to let the people you know in let alone strangers.

Anyway, this is me trying again to keep up with blogging. Trying again to keep a record of what’s happening in my life. Hold me to it internet! Even if it starts out with just a monthly update! Hold me to it! Even if no one reads this…hold me to it!

Life is short and full of mysteries but maybe together we can have dinner and figure out what makes this big beautiful world go around!


So Much To Say No Words To Say It

I’ve started several blog posts over the past few weeks but just can’t seem to finish any of them. I have so many subjects I want to write about I just can’t seem to find the words to write them.

I started writing the birth of my daughter Jaya but short of just writing down some facts it just doesn’t seem finished to me. I want to put into words my feelings not just the events that took place. I also have one started on breastfeeding. something that has become such a huge part of my life in more ways then I ever thought it would. But I don’t want to come across as one of those people that thinks your a bad parent if you didn’t/don’t breastfeed.

It’s even taken me hours to come up with this short post about not posting.

Hopefully inspiration will strike soon and I can at least finish the posts I’ve started.

Iced Chai Tea


I’ve never been a fan of Chia Tea but a few weeks ago my co-worker got one from a local shop and offered to get me one too. He explained that they’re the best at this place and they’re sort of known for them. So I excepted and let me tell you I was not disappointed! I had found a Chia Tea that was so ridiculously good it became my new favorite summer drink!

In an effort to not spend tons of money by constantly going to that shop I started a search to make my own chai tea at home without useing powdered mixes. Well it didn’t take me long before I found one.

I had most of the ingredients except a few and got them in a few days later.

For instance I had a hard time finding cardamom pods. The stores had ground cardamom but not the pods so I got them here on Amazon

It tastes exactly like the chai I had from the shop and is pretty simple to make so I thought I’d share it with you all.

Chai Tea Concentrate
Makes 1 1/2 cups, enough for 4 lattes

3 tablespoons sugar
8 cardamom pods
1 cinnamon stick, snapped in half
1 slice ginger, peeled
5 whole cloves
4 whole black peppercorns
2 black teabags
1 tablespoon honey

Combine all ingredients except the honey in a pot. Add 2 cups of water and bring to a boil over medium-high heat.


Lower slightly and let simmer for 5 minutes.


Turn off the heat  and let steep for 5 minutes. Remove the teabags, squeezing out any liquid from them.


Let the spices steep for another 15 minutes.


Strain, removing all the spices. Add the honey and stir in. Taste, adding more honey if you like.

Cool completely. The concentrate is easily doubled and will last a while in the fridge.

Now to make your Latte.

Take 6 tablespoons of the concentrate 1 Cup milk of your choice. I used whole milk it’s what I like but you could just as easily use almond or coconut milk. Add some ice and there you have it. sometimes I like to finish it off with a little bit of vanilla extract and a sprinkle of cinnamon but it’s not necessary. enjoy!